What is BDSM?

Four little letters that unlock a whole new world. BDSM, from Urban Dictionary, is: An overlapping abbreviation of Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), and Sadism and Masochism (SM).

What is a play party?
They are kick-ass gatherings of local kinksters with all types of intentions. Sometimes there are blow jobs, sometimes there are floggings, and I may or may not have seen a game or two of strip Cards Against Humanity. Play parties are from 8 p.m. - 2 p.m. on Friday nights and 9 p.m. - 2 p.m. on Saturday nights.
Where is ACAL Located?
ACAL is located in a newly remodeled 4,000 square-foot venue in downtown Anchorage, Alaska, at 420 West 3rd Ave!
How much does ACAL cost?

This is not an easy question, because the event and your membership level will determine how much you pay (take a look at the Membership tab at the top of the page to check out our membership options).

For the most part, weekly Friday and Saturday play parties are $25 for non-members. Weekly socials are free, and other events vary.

Costs will be clearly posted on the event calendar, so there is no need to guess.

Do I have to be a Member to attend events?

Nope! ACAL hosts many events exclusively for Members and their invited guests, BUT, we also host a few monthly events open to all adults. Examples of open events would be the ACAL "Weekly Open Social and Stepping Stone Class" that happens every Wednesday night, from 6-9 p.m., and ACAL's Erotic Art Shows. Both of these events are free and open to all adults with valid ID.

Does ACAL only host Play Parties and Educational Events?

Though we would like to think that every event offers some level of education, not all ACAL events are focused on education. From photography nights, submissive circles, play parties, first-Friday erotic art shows, movie nights, suspension gatherings, bootblacking, pup moshes, and Cards Against Humanity, ACAL offers events for EVERYONE! We eve have a Dial-a-Dungeon!

What is Dial-a-Dungeon?

You can rent the dungeon or the Boom Boom Room for your own private event! Invite up to 5 friends! For more information, email acalexperience@gmail.com or text 907-775-8419.

How much does a membership cost?

Interested in becoming a member? Awesome! You will save money and would be supporting ACAL in a great way. Head over to the Membership tab at the top of the site to learn about the benefits and price details!

Why become a Member?

Becoming a member helps support this homebase for kink and alternative sex events. This bold endeavor has operation costs, and membership fees help pay those costs while allowing the center to be a place for everyone to learn and have fun. Without membership fees, we would not be able to host so many diverse events!

Cost! It cost less to be a member in the long run! Event prices for members generally range from FREE to $20. Non-members pay more to attend our in depth educational events and play parties. Additionally, guest are only welcome to attend educational intensives and play parties at ACAL 4 times in a calendar year as a guest, after 4 times we ask that you consider purchasing a membership..

Members may attend all ACAL events at member rates. All members can bring up to two non-member guests to any ACAL event at the guest attendance rates. Members gain access to the ACAL calendar should they wish to use the center for their own private events.

What if I don't want to become a member?

Well we are all about consent, so we won't force you. Non-members are charged a slightly higher rate than members, but are welcome to the center all the same. Keep in mind that we host a number of events that are of no charge at all. You can look for these events on our event calendar.

Is it going to be an orgy?

Well as much fun as that is/could be, orgies aren't as common as they should be. A lot of planning and connection goes into arranging them, and they just don't happen as much as porn makes us believe.

How is privacy protected?

First of all, you don't HAVE to use your real name when you introduce yourself to people at the center (though you’re more than welcome to, if you so wish). It all depends on the information you're willing to give. YOU can protect your privacy. Beyond that, there's a document of rules and guidelines you will slap your John Hancock on that protects you as much as possible, as well as everyone else in the joint. Those documents are securely kept by us for legal reasons, and we do not disclose that information to anyone.

How do you know everyone is STD free?

In a dream world, everyone would be STD free, but since we kick it in reality, it's called "having a conversation." If you're interested in someone, talk about it. Chances are they'll want to know if you have anything going on, too.

Are singles welcome?

Yes. Singles. Couples. Poly pieces and parts.

What's the ratio between men and women?

Depends on the night, but I usually see more women than men, or pretty even odds.

How many people come out to these things?

I'd say a dozen is the very minimum, and I've seen as many as 70 happy kinksters in one sitting. At  Northern Exposure (our annual BDSM educational convention), there are more than 150 people, altogether.

Workshops about sex? Really?

If you could learn how to give your car the perfect treatment through a class, would you take it? Sex isn't really that different.

Is this a gay thing?

Do you want it to be?  🙂  But, no, it's not "a gay thing." More of a "whatever floats your boat in terms of that Internet search you double-checked, deleted, and searched again" kind of thing.

Is there alcohol?


Why isn't there alcohol?

Why are you so interested in alcohol? Hot girls and guys aren’t enough? Some people are so selfish. Seriously, though, the foundation of what it is that we do is consent, and our community believes that consent is lost if you are inebriated.

Oh I'm not into pain, I could never go to a BDSM club.

ACAL is so much more than BDSM. It's a community full of connection, education, and fun! Whoops, there goes the unicorn. Okay, but no, really. Nobody, even a sadist, is all about pain. It's a safe place to do what you love to do, or have been fantasizing about doing, with few and specific regulations. Not everyone is into pain; a lot of the goers aren't. They just find other things to tickle their pickle.

Do I get to play with you Sarha?

You can ask just about anyone in the club if they want to play; you'll get a yes or a no.

How old are the people who attend?

You can find them from 18-60+, though most people are in their 20's to late 40's.

I'm really shy, I'll feel out of place.

I'm an incredibly shy person too, and, to be perfectly honest, I did feel out of place and overwhelmed at first. But then I started meeting people and having a fantastic time, and I really just came out of my shell. I've never been more comfortable anywhere else, not even in my own home.

What is the dress code?

Well, if you're outside, you have to dress like an every-day citizen, but once you're in the club, you can keep your plain-Jane day clothes, or you can spice it up with that night-life outfit.