The Alaska Center for Alternative Lifestyles (ACAL) is a bold collaboration among the Alaska Alternative Kink Community to provide a home base for community connection, elevated kink education and foundation building.

Located in downtown Anchorage, Alaska ACAL offers it's members a chance to explore our play space, educational events and social opportunities in a our 8000 SqFt venue.

ACAL Features

  • Large play room with plenty of furniture
  • Social area great for negotiating in
  • 3 smaller play rooms
  • Safer sex supplies
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Kink shop
  • Snacks, soda, and water


Treat Yourself, Treat Your Leather

Here at ACAL, we have Bootblacks who can care for your leather. Our Bootblacks love leather like a masochist loves a good spanking. From caps to boots, they can shine it all. Whether you like your cleaning to feel more like a massage or something more stimulating, our Bootblacks can negotiate the experience to your comfort level.